Independent Russian media teachers hope for more collaboration

Anna Sharogradskaya, Anders Lange, Nordvestrusland
NJC demonstrated their trust in us by helping not to slow down our activity, says Anna Sharogradskaya, director at the NGO institute, Regional Press Institute. Foto: Anders Lange

NJC plans new initiatives in Northwest Russia and hopes for a renewed contract with Nordic Council of Ministers. Russian press institute writes support letter.

Af Anders Lange

Courses in climate journalism, photojournalism, election coverage – you name it. Nordic Journalist Centre (NJC) is hoping to continue the work with media in Northwest Russia in a new term 2016-2017 – and so do our collaborators in Russia.

NJC has a long history of neighbouring collaborations and knowledge exchange between Nordic journalists and journalism educators and Russian colleagues and have performed more that 25 courses or events a year for hundreds of Russian and Nordic colleages during the last 20 years.


The collaboration has, though, been challenged by the sharp tone between the Nordic countries and Russia due to the situation around the Crimea peninsula. This increased the tension between governments, but it also intensifies the need for and importance of nongovernmental collaborations.

NJC has recently handed the draft for a new contract to the Nordic Council of Ministers. The draft contract contains descriptions of future coorporations with Barents Press International, Murmansk, Regional Press Institute in St. Petersburg, The journalist education center Fojo in Sweden and sevaral other partners.

The fate of the new contract will be decidede within the next month.

NJC kept supporting

In Russia, the NGO institute, Regional Press Institute supports the initiative by words.

This is what the director, Anna Sharogradgradya writes in her support letter:

For many years the RPI has been the partner of the NJC and we hope this partnership will continue because we badly need support. The media in Russia is experiencing difficult times due to the growing tensions within the country and difficult international relations with Europe and the USA. With the help of the Nordic Council, NJC, SCOOP, IMS and other partners and funders the RPI organized seminars, conferences, study tours and other activities for journalists, journalism educators and students from the North-west area of the Russian Federation. The target groups have been regular participants of the competitions for photojournalists, contributed to the manuals on media ethics, exchanged experience with their colleagues from the Northern countries.”

Not less important has been moral support from the NJC partners after the RPI was labeled the FOREIGN AGENT by the Russian Ministry of Justice. Unlike some of the foreign partners who were waiting for the outcome of our legal fight with the system, the NJC demonstrated their trust in us by helping not to slow down our activity. They provided even more opportunities for further cooperation.
It is obvious that the refresher courses for journalists and other events organized to improve their skills have been successful because the experts delegated by the NJC are superb specialists in their fields.

We are aware that the NJC could not have achieved many things in our mutual ambitious programs without the Nordic Council support, so we express our hope that this support will be prolonged.

Sincerely yours,
Anna Sharogradskaya