About NJC

Media efforts with a Nordic outlook


Nordic Journalist Centre put journalistic, political, economic, cultural, and social questions into a Nordic perspective.

Our goal is to equip journalists from all Nordic countries with competences which they can actively utilize to create interest in Nordic unity and cultural community. First and foremost, it is about the the Nordic Region and the relation with Europe and the rest of the world.

With a clear ambition that the opportunities of digitalisation should benefit the participants, we make this possible via online networking, social media, courses, and seminars – by tangible education in the use of media which challenges regular thinking patterns, and by daily use of webinar, podcasts, and social media of any kind.

Our Direction

In a Nordic context, we wish to build, preserve, and expand a core of members of the press with special qualifications to see the Nordic Region as a cultural and political unit, and, in the light of this, is able to see the North’s place in Europe – and in a global context.


We cooperate with Nordic and international institutions with the common goal to increase the level of competence in the areas of: Multimediality, crossmediality social media, management, research, and ethics.

NJC’s Northwest Russian activities

In 2016-17, NJC’s journalistic cooperation with Northwest Russia is specifically focused on two areas: Journalism in a Modern Democracy, and The Neighbourhood between the North and Northwest Russia. The Nordic Council of Ministers has with a special grant of 4,8 million DKK secured courses, presentations, analyses, and support for a continued cooperation.

For Journalism in a Modern Democracy, an examination of The Battle for the News Agenda will become a cornerstone. It involves an examination of Russian dissemination of news where new initiatives like Meduza.io among others are struggling against official Russian news services concerning the dissemination of news.

For The Neighbourhood between the Nordic Region and Northwest Russia, the plan is to let Nordic and Russian photographers and video journalists ”swap nations” in their depiction of the alien reality on the other side of the border, both good and bad – the activity runs for two years and ends with a common exhibition across the Nordic Region. Similar activities have had great success and generated great press coverage.

There will also be activities within the area of environmental – and climate journalism, the battle for the Arctic, coverage of elections, and new media.

In the period 2016-17, we expect to carry out 30 activities and meet at least 200 participants from Northwest Russia and the Nordic Region.

NJC’s Nordic activities

Our activities in NJC are partly financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. With one million DKK pro anno in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Add to this payments from participants, media firms, and associations of journalists from the entire Nordic Region with grants up to 500.000 DKK.

The daily management of NJC’s business has been in the hands of the Department for Courses and Further Education at the Danish School of Media and Journalism since 1994.

Description of NJC’s activity: The Nordic Council of Ministers

Daily Operation

The daily operation is carried out by Ole Rode Jensen, orj@dmjx.dk, and Anders Lange, al@dmjx.dk, who both are course organisers.
Freelance journalist Joan Rask, jr@njc.dk, is editor of the website and community manager



Some of our latest activities