Projects in the pipeline

Photographic Materclass
Solnedgang, Island 2020. Foto: Þorvarður Árnason

Network for young journalists

The corona crisis has hit young people in the Nordics and in Russia particularly hard. Many new graduates are on the fringes of the labor market – going from project to project – with no prospect of getting a permanent job in the media industry. This is why NJC and Barents Press Sweden and BP Russia has decided to establish a ‘Network for young journalists in the Nordics and Northwest Russia’.

The project is funded by NCM, Nordic Council of Ministers, and The Swedish Institute. Around 50 participants will benefit from a mix of physical and online events – workshops and study trips. And hopefully get a better foothold in the job market.

Media Literacy – how to distinguish between news and views
Besides the mid-career training and exchange for journalists, the Nordic Journalist Centre also works with students, teachers and universities in promoting so-called media literacy, i.e. how to navigate between journalism and unauthorized information in the media.

In an ever-increasing stream of news and information, it is important that informed citizens can distinguish between facts and fakes, information and misinformation, news and views, realities and rumors, professional journalism and junk news.
This project is aimed at Russian journalists and educators. Lead coordinator is Danish Cultural Institute in St. Petersburg – partners are NJC and TASS. The project is based on the Swedish exhibition/concept “Demokratilabbet” and are carried out in collaboration with the Swedish Media Council, Arbetets Museum, The Swedish Institute and finally Human Rights Academy, Norway.

Nordic-Russian Network for Climate Reporting
Climate change has its epicenter in the Nordic and Arctic region. Political decisions need to be based on thorough and un-biased information, provided by professional, independent media. This requires professional, skilled, and educated journalists. The project aims at improving the skills of journalists in the Arctic regions of the Nordic countries and Northwest Russia by exchange, education, and collaboration.

Goal: To improve the standards for climate reporting, inspired by sharing of “best practices”. Lead coordinator: NJC – partners Barents Press Sweden, BP Norway, and BP Russia.

Photo masterclass The High North (Next to Me 2022)
The High North photo masterclass is a unique workshop on life in the high north – The Barents region covering Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland. What happens when the mining industry closes? What future does the region hold for the young generation?

Our base will be Murmansk where award winning photographers will help the participants become stronger visual storytellers. The Masterclass aims to build knowledge, respect and personal relations across the borders at a time with growing political and cultural tensions.

Due to Covid-19 this masterclass in the Barents region is postponed until the end of March 2022. There were 58 applicants (young photojournalists) from the Nordic countries and Northwest Russia with only room for 14 participants. All participants have been selected.