Great interest in masterclass

Photographic Materclass
Colombia is among the ten most unequal countries in the world. Some of the most neglected people are the internally displaced - Los Desplazados - families who are fleeing land theft and violence in the countryside, only to end up in the large slums South of Bogota like here in Soacha. Like the places fled from, these neighborhoods are too dominated by various armed groups who often have some very blurred lines between their crime- and political related activities.

56 young photographers have applied for a seat at our photo masterclass: The High North, where participants will work in the Barents region for three weeks focusing on the life, culture and challenges in the region.

The educational masterclass is based in Murmansk where two time World Press Photo-winner, Mads Nissen will lead the masterclass together with Mads Greve, teacher at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

First step of the masterclass is getting ready – researching and getting to know the region. This work is supported through webinars where Anna Kireeva, Barents Press Russia, will aid the participants in getting to know the region before arriving.

Second step is meeting in Murmansk where the participants will get coaching and have classes together before venturing out in the region. They then have ten days to document their story. The final step of the masterclass focuses on coaching and editing the participant’s material.

Cultural cooperation
“We are happy to see such a great interest and applicants from all the Nordic countries and North west Russia. Projects like these are needed if we want to understand our neighboring countries better. In focusing on photography and the Barents region we move focus from foreign politics to the ordinary people having to deal with ordinary challenges in a time of change,” says head of Nordic Journalist Centre, John Frølich.

The masterclass will meet up in Murmansk on the September 18.

Applicants will be informed in week 23 (June 7. – 11.)

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