A Danish guidebook in photojournalisme is published in both Russian and English

With the financial support from the Nordic Council of Ministers it has been made possible to translate and publish a Russian version of Søren Pagter’s book “The Essential Image”. The book can be purchased both as hardcopy and as e-book on the publisher Ajour’s website. 

By Elisabeth Bjarløv 

The Essential Image is a book on photojournalism. It presents photojournalism in words and provides you with various tools for understanding the language of photography. In doing so, it gives you a language for meaningful and stimulating discussions about photojournalism.

The Russian book is a part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ co-operation programme aimed for Russia and the book will be used in various Nordic/Russian workshops.

The Essential Image is now available in three languages; Russian, English and Danish – and can be bought online at the publisher Ajour’s website.

Photojournalism - Søren Pagter’s book “The Essential Image"

Photojournalism – Søren Pagter’s book “The Essential Image”

The purpose of The essential Image is to equip both new and established photojournalists to be even better storytellers and to give all other users of photography some insight into the language of photojournalism.

“With it, I put photojournalism into words and define the concepts we use. This gives us a common language for talking about photojournalism – and just as importantly, fort talking about the stories photojournalists tell,” says Søren Pagter.

The book is a guide for photojournalists and photographers. Its main focus is finding ways to tell stories, rather than being a technical foundation book. It addresses schools for photojournalists as well as photographer schools and students all over Russia.

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Buy the book: Ajour.dk

English version: The Essential Image
Danish version: Det nødvendige fotografi

In Russian:

This article:  ТАКОЕ ВАЖНОЕ ФОТО сейчас переведено на русский язык


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