Study trip to Kaliningrad – the westernmost Russia


NJC invites you in 2018 to a study trip to Kaliningrad – an unsusual study trip that especially intents to gather knowledge about the mighte Russian neighbor and to network with local media people, activists and decision makers.

In Kaliningrad live the most western of all Russians, both geographically and mentally. Whereas the typical Russian has never been abroad, the typical citizen of Kaliningrad only rarely goes to “big Russia”, the local term for the rest of the country. On the other hand she will hold a Schengen visa and regularly travels to the neighborcountries Poland and Lithuania.

In this course we will focus on meeting as many locals as possible. We invite Nordic and Russian journalists to discuss among themselves and network with future journalistic cooperation in mind.

Kaliningrad (markeret med rødt) er det mest vestlige af Rusland

Kaliningrad (markeret med rødt) er det mest vestlige af Rusland

At the same time the participants will get an overview of the media situation in Kaliningrad which is characterised by great diversity an many small, independent media outlets.

Course leaders are two experienced Russia experts, journalist Uffe Gardel and Arne Grove, former head of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ office in Kaliningrad.

Departure Monday April 9th 2018, return Saturday April 14th 2018

Working language:
English with professional translation in Kaliningrad, when necessary

More information:
If you have questions about the study trip, please write to:
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About Kaliningrad:
Kaliningrad (Wikipedia)  


The complete program, subject to alterations and final confirmation of participation:

Course leaders:

Arne Grove, former head of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ information office in Kaliningrad and Danish consul in Kaliningrad

Uffe Gardel, journalist and communication advisor specializing in international business

Technical arrangements: by Baltma Tours  – About Baltma Tours (pdf)

Practical informations:

  • Participation fee 9.000 DKK (a deposit to be paid by January 7th 2018)
  • Participants will themselves pay for air transport from the Nordic capitals to and from Gdansk
  • NJC covers bus transport from Gdansk to Kaliningrad and back
  • NJC covers expenses to hotel, breakfast and those meals that are integrated in the program as well as transportation within the Kaliningrad region
  • Visa expenses will be covered by the participants themselves
  • Participants are not accepted to the course before a final confirmation has been received from the NJC
  • Application deadline is February 1st 2018

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